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Trial lawyer, LOUIS P. MCFADDEN, JR.,  has been practicing law for over 35 years.

Impacting Lives

Lou McFadden holds a Bachelor of Arts (1976) and Juris Doctorate (1979) from Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia.

From 1979 through 1981 Lou worked in the corporate legal department of American Medical International, Inc. (AMI) located in Beverly Hills, CA.  AMI owned and managed hospitals across the United States and abroad.  Lou assisted senior attorneys in addressing a wide range of health care issues from litigation management of medical malpractice,  to physician group contracts, to multi-million dollar real estate/asset transactions.

He was a litigation partner at the firm of Meade, Tate & Daniel, located in Danville, Virginia from 1981 through 1986 where he primarily handled personal injury cases in both state and federal courts.  Before joining the personal injury plaintiff's firm of Valore, McAllister, Gould, Vesper & Schwartz, located in Northfield, N.J. in 1986, Lou became one of the youngest attorneys in the country to be recognized as a civil trial advocate by the prestigious National Board of Trial Advocacy.  Certification required that the attorney had completed 15-20 jury trials, receive recommendations from his adversaries and judges, and pass a written test.

Lou opened his own law practice on Jan. 1, 1988 in Ventnor, N.J., and currently practices as McFadden Law Firm, P.C. at 1555 Zion Rd., Suite 203, Northfield, N.J. 08225.

Lou has practiced in every level of State courts in both New Jersey and Virginia, and also has practiced in every level of the federal court system, including the United States District Courts, the Circuit Courts of Appeal, and United States Supreme Court.  In addition, he has recently been admitted to the United State Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., where he will utilize his extensive  experience  and knowledge of personal injury litigation to represent clients, both adult and children, to help assure that  all victims and their families who have suffered injury or death from vaccinations are fairly compensated.

The McFadden Law Firm is small in number, but powerful in the commitment to its clients interests. You have my personal  promise that if we accept your case that my firm will effectively and aggressively pursue your claims for justice no matter how intimidating the obstacles may appear to you.

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Karyn L. White is a paralegal with the firm and is a 1992 graduate of University of Scranton with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.  She is a graduate of University of Pittsburgh Law School where she received her Juris Doctorate in 1995.  While previously residing in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Karyn worked as a Law Clerk for the Hon. Ronald D. Castille of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court from 1993 through 1996.  She worked as an Assistant District Attorney for the Allegheny County Prosecutor’s Office from 1996 through 2001.  Karyn then worked for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Attorney General Office as a Deputy Attorney General from 2001-2006.  Upon moving to New Jersey, Karyn voluntary suspended her Pennsylvania law license and now provides legal research and writing services to the Firm.  She is not a member of the New Jersey Bar, and does not practice law or provide any legal advice or counselling to clients.